Digital Inequality: Income = Education??

Inequality in education has been a constant problem not only in the United States but also around the world. Legislation and other helpful measures have been taken in the US by states and the federal government to decrease this inequality, but entering into the digital age, greater inequality is going to be facing low-income individuals... Continue Reading →


“I’m a lifetime learner.” What on earth does that mean?

I honestly don't know how many times I said or thought to myself before this semester, "I am a lifetime learner, or I want to be a lifetime learner." But what realized is that I really had no idea what that meant realistically. This semester has been a really great learning experience for me, as... Continue Reading →

Trending: Teens & Technology

Today we hear all the time that the upcoming generation is the first to..... (insert new technology based event here.) Though technology has been around for quite a while now, since it is taking an even larger role in society, it's importance is only growing. Teenagers today are growing up in a world that is... Continue Reading →

The elephant is in the (class)room…

Is being critical a good thing? I like to be critical about most things in my life, however, I do value the importance of coming to a conclusion after questioning everything. Especially when I am going to take a stand on something, since I am known to be pretty determined and stubborn, I want to... Continue Reading →

French: Goals vs. Expectations

Someone said to me today, that they knew what they were expected to do, but not what they should do. That's kind of how I feel about the goals that I set for myself this semester for my ILP! I knew what I wanted to accomplish: being fluent in a foreign language. But it is... Continue Reading →

Testing out Graphic/Visual Designs

I am not artsy, and not terribly creative. So the thought of starting a graphic/visual designs sounds pretty frightening. Learning about Graphic and Visual designs was actually really interesting even though I still don't feel like I mastered the process of creating a digital design. The site that I used for this project was Canva.... Continue Reading →

Don’t just hear; listen.

I am kind of a nerd. I really enjoy listening to podcasts and such. Most of the time I listen to podcasts or audio books when I am running or doing another activity that doesn't necessarily require a lot of thought. For this class, I wanted to find a really interesting podcast that would be... Continue Reading →

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